Q1: How much does it cost for the curriculum?
- Initially, it cost $699.00 plus tax to purchase the curriculum. Each additional workbook cost $5.00 per copy plus tax

Q2: Can I print or photocopy the workbooks?
- Absolutely no duplication, resale, scanning or modification to the workbooks allowed. Anyone found to abuse their rights of use, may have their privilege taken away

Q3: Can I change the order of the PowerPoint sessions / days?
- No, you must follow the curriculum as approved by the MTO. You must start from session #1 and finish on session #8

Q4: Can I use the curriculum anywhere I want?
- You may use the curriculum at your primary location only. If you have satellites, then you must purchase the license to use the program in those other locations. It cost $249.00 plus tax for each additional location

Q5: What version of Windows should I use to install the presentations?
- You may use Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 / 8 / 10.
Important: CARS presentations will not work on a Mac, Android or Linux computer

Q6: Can I use this curriculum in combination with another curriculum?
- No. MTO only allow driving school operators to use 1 curriculum at a time (However, you may use up to 3 curriculums for different courses, but must let MTO know when you are using each curriculum)

Q7: How come I can't open the PowerPoint?
- You must have the correct password for your computer. Each computer has its unique 'machine id'. You need us to provide you a 'playback password'
- You
may not have "Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 Full version" installed on you computer
(It's your responsibility to provide a valid copy of "Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 or 2013" - We do not provide you a copy for use)
- You may have trail version of Microsoft Office that has expired

Q8: How come my videos don't play inside the PowerPoint?
- You may have NOT install CARS v3.6 VIDEOS SETUP FILES.exe
- You may have a different media player playing videos instead of VLC media player

Q9: How do I update the latest presentations?
- Please click on the "Please visit our website for updates"
- You are to use the same 'playback password' that we have provided you upon purchase. Please use the same password for each session / day

Q10: How can I zoom inside the PowerPoint presentation?
- Use ZoomIt in the C:\CARS folder
• Ctrl + 1 = Zoom (You may scroll up and down on your mouse to zoom in or out)
• Ctrl + 2 = Drawing using mouse anywhere on screen
• Ctrl + 3 = Break timer (default 10 minutes)

Q11: How do I connect the computer to the projector?
- You must ensure both computers VGA output is connected to Projector VGA input port
- Hold [WINDOWS KEY] + [F5/F8]* (could be different F key for certain computers)
- Windows 7 only: Hold [WINDOWS KEY] + [P] (Computer only >
Duplicate > Extend > Projector only)

Q12: What do I need to keep from students once they finish their course?
- A valid copy of student's driver's licence
- Registration form / enrolment form
- Classroom attendance / Class list
- In-vehicle training attendance
- Student workbook pages 17-20
• Page #17 - Quizzes / final test - completed and signed
• Page #18 - Marking sheet- completed and signed
• Page #19 - Course evaluation - student feedback and suggestions
• Page #20 - Driver's handbook search - evidence for auditing purpose
Please DO NOT collect the entire workbook from students (MTO has allowed us to keep only the above pages)

Q13: What other material is required in order to teach this curriculum?
- Students must be able to access the online version of the 'Official Driver's Handbook'
- The driving school must also keep a copy of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (Electronic copy or printed copy - found in C:\CARS folder)

Q14: What do I need for auditing?
- The CARS v3 guide (manual)
- 1 x blank CARS v3.5 student workbook (SWB)
- 1 x CARS v3.5 answer book
- Current purchase agreement
- Access to the CARS v3.6 PowerPoint presentation
- All items stated in question
Q12 & Q13

Q15: What is the passing mark for this course?
- The passing mark for both in-class and in-car is 70%. Students may redo quizzes or final test to make up for a failing mark.